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Hey, everyone!
First, I'd like to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday :3. I was on when I was getting the thoughtful comments, but didn't have the time (nor spam everyone's inbox with a 'thanks' ^^; ) to reply. So, thanks a bunch c:

This won't be a long journal; I just wanted to pass by and say I'm still here.

Lately, I've been stupid busy with programming and game design (I'm hoping to get a working demo for show to post, as well as making a game to market). If I didn't already mention, I have another writing class I'm taking this semester, which is easy (just professional, business writing and junk), but drains my will to write more stories, or even finish what I have now.

It also doesn't help that I've been getting depressed lately. I don't know what it is, but I just don't want to do anything. I'll end up sitting in front of my computer watching videos for hours with no will to do much. So, even if I have free time, that's been happening to me, so... yeah ._.

Hopefully, I can get just one story out. Thanks for being patient, as always! And much thanks for the love I've been constantly getting from faves/comments.

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Right! So, my name's Timmy (or Tim, either works :P) and I like to write TG stories! The whole reason as to how I got into TG was an anime called 'magical taruruuto-kun'. I don't really know what the shows about, to be honest, but to say the least, there's a lot of TG'ed transformations that take place. Basically, what had happened was that my friend and I were looking for a clip from the movie, which my dad had showed me, and wanted to find it to show my friend. Instead, I found a clip of... Well, I'll let the video talk for itself:… (video got removed D: )
Ever since then, I've been into TG!

I write TG is because I'm one of those people who want what they don't see. It's confusing, but let me explain: You read a book. You're reading and the book begins to grow intense. When you come to the end, you didn't expect what you thought it would have ended. That's how I feel with most TG/TF stories; it's there, but it's not enough detail to feed my need. :P

Writing TG is a real personal hobby of mine. So personal, in fact, that only 2 of my friends know; my parents don't even know about it! Why I keep it so secretive is because of people. People? Yes; people are so judgmental these days, you can barely get away with your looks themselves. I don't want to reveal that to my friends and not being able to hear the end of it. So, the 2 friends I have are all that I reveal, and people that watch me, because I know that they love to read these as much as I enjoy writing them. Plus, the friends I've told read a few themselves!

Another reason why I write TG is because of my mind. I'm very curious of certain things; like TG stories, for example. It's always amazing what different transformations there are, you know? Painful, quick, slow... Whatever it may be, I've always wanted to experience a change for myself. It'd be kind of nice to experience a day in the life of a girl!

Anyways, that's basically me! Just your normal guy who enjoys reading and writing TG stories! Let's get to work! :D

I also play games! If you're in the mood for some gaming, send a note to me! I've got a Steam ;D

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