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    Kevin and Dave's mothers had signed them up for a private school. They were fed up with the constant irritation of everyday life of school. However, Kevin and Dave didn't mind it; school didn't pose a problem to either one of them. Their moms thought that they were exposed to fights, drug use and any other problem that would typically happen at school. And they were. They usually stayed out of the way of those things, too. But it was too much for their mothers to absorb that that was life. However, they also thought that Kevin and Dave were growing a bit of an attitude towards either parent. So, they signed both of them up for a private school, in which, they will both attend together as friends. The boys were confused; how were they, in anyway, 'have an attitude'? They were obediant children! They did their homework, listened to their parents and played games like any other boy would. They assumed it was probably something to do with the whole school problem. Either way, they didn't like moving schools.

    It was Wednesday before they had gone off to their first day of school. Wearing a typical blue uniform with pants, they assumed that it was going to be an uptight environment like boarding school usually have.

"I don't like this..." Kevin began.

"I know. Mom, why do we have to move schools? Nothing was wrong with the old one." Dave protested.

"Because, I don't want either of you fine boys to end up in the street." Dave's mother explained, turning into the driveway of the school.

The school looked like an insane asylum, in all honesty. Giant, possible caged windows and a stone and brick sign that read the school's name. With flowers and nicely cut hedges surrounding the building, the boys thought that the building itself looked worse than their other school.

"But we know better than to listen to bullies and the internet."

"Sorry, Dave, but it's for the best of both of you. Plus, think of the better friends you'll make!" She stopped in front of the doors to the school. "Now, you boys have a great day at school, hm?" She smiled.

The boys got out of the car as they waved good-bye to Dave's mom. "Well, I guess we're going to have to endure a day at a new school..." Kevin gulped at the sight of the huge doors.

"On the bright side, we'll have each other to talk to and stuff, right?" Dave gently slapped Kevin's chest.

"I guess..."

"Alright! So let's go explore the school before school starts then."
    The boys had a good 20 minutes before school actually had started. The building looked big on the outside, but the rooms themselves were bigger. The cafeteria was probably the main structure of the school itself, it was so big. The rooms were about the size of 2-3 classrooms big and the gym was practically a park. The boys were quite astonished. The intercom came on and reminded the students to get to class because school was about to begin in 5 minutes. They walked to their first period class.

    The classroom was basked in a warm sunlight that wasn't too hot nor was it too blinding. The windows were accompanied with a few pots of flowers and various plants than hung down the wall.

The teacher was watering the plants when she noticed the 2 enter the room.

"Why hello there!" She greeted in a happy tone.

"Hello." They replied.

"I can see that you boys are new to the school!" She put the watering can underneath her desk.

"Yes, ma'am."

"Such politeness! Well, I hope you 2 will make yourselves comfortable here at this wondrous school. Please, choose your seats now so you won't be separated!"

Kevin and Dave sat next to each other in the front row and waited for the other students to come in. A girl walked through the door and greeted the teacher; who they now know as 'Ms. P'. The girl's name was Suzan, from what Ms. P had greeted her. Another girl had entered and greeted Ms. P like Suzan did. Kevin and Dave watched the door as more and more girls started to come through the door. This started to scare the boys.

"Are we in a school entirely populated by women?!" Dave whispered angrily.

"I hope not! I feel kind of awkward already now that we're sitting here..."

A couple of minutes later, the bell rang and Ms. P closed the door.

"Good morning!" Ms. P greeted. The class responded in unison with a 'good morning, Ms. P'.

"I don't know if any of you had noticed, but we have 2 new students today! Say hello to..." Ms. P went over to her desk, got her reading glasses and read the clipboard on her desk. "... Kevin and Dave!" The entire class was a dead silent, as if the girls seem to hate the 2 for probably being the only boys there.

"Now girls, don't dislike the 2 because they're not of same sex; they're humans just like all of us. Now then, I'm going to go run a few errands that shouldn't take more than 10 minutes. Go on and have your free time! I'll be back momentarily." Ms. P left the room. The girls began to shift around the room and hudled into their clicks.
    The room started to grow louder as the girls began their gossip and talk of other things while Kevin and Dave were left alone to talk to each other. It was awkward, for the both of them, because they didn't have anything to talk about. They felt as if they were going to sit there for the 10 minutes that Ms. P had allowed the children to have. Dave got up and sat on the desk, facing Kevin.

"Anything on your mind?" Dave attempted to start a conversation.

"Not really..." Kevin was moving his finger across the desk looking extremely bored. "Sorry, Dave, I don't want to sound rude, it's just... What is there to talk about, you know?"

"Uh, the fact that this school is probably populated by females only?"

"That's right! Why would our parents send us here? Did they not know that this is probably a female only school?"

Dave shrugged, "I dunno. I guess when we tell them after school, they'll probably either find us another school or take us back to our old school."

    Then the 2 started to engage each other in talk. It seemed as if time had slowed down for them because they were talking about the different problems each of them had. However, during their conversation, Kevin noticed something about Dave that he didn't see until he dropped his pencil.

"Hey, Dave?" Kevin had a little shock to his voice.

"What's up?"

"Your uhm... Pants?"

Dave looked down at his pants and found that his entire bottom half of his body had changed. He was wearing black shoes that the girls were wearing, he was wearing black knee socks and shapely and he was wearing a skirt! He could only imagine the detail of his change as he was sweeping a hand through the skirt.

"What the hell?!" Dave tried to keep from shouting, but how could you not if your pants had just changed into a skirt?

"What happened?"

"I don't know!" Then Dave noticed the same thing happened to Kevin. "You too, bro!" He pointed down to Kevin's newfound clothes.

"What's going on?!"

    Then the changes started to become faster and actually noticable. Both of their shirts started to morph into the girls' uniforms; a vest, a white shirt underneath and a small plad bow atop of the 'V' on the vest. What had shocked them the most was how quickly the changes were and that they were going in unison. The shirts were so tight, they felt as if they were going to rip through the shirt like Hulk would. Soon enough, the shirt began to grow more comforting on their skin. While that was going on, there was a tingling on their hands. Dave looked at his hands only to find them shrinking at an alarming rate. He tried letting out a warning to Kevin, but he was having the same

problem talking. Their hands, after shrinking, became more fragile looking and more delicate. With fingernails growing, the hair on their arms was slowly swept away by an unknown force as the change began to crawl up to their head.

    Both of their faces began to shift around; becoming softer and cuter to the eye. Dave's hair grew down to size as his hair was burnt into a satisfying brown. He felt a tug in his hair, which Kevin had told him, was a bow. Kevin's hair, like Dave's grew down, only his hair color was melting away into a soft blonde color. Also tugging his hair, was a bow that had placed itself comfortably in his hair. Now techinically girls, the both of them, they tried to speak to each other. The only thing that came out of them were bad voice cracks and squeaks so bad, they couldn't understand each other. Just then, both of them saw their chests begin to push out. Their breasts began to fill in their shirts to perfectly fit them. And after about a couple of seconds of bloating, they were now girls.
    What was weird was how none of the girls had acknowledged their change the entire time; they just ignored them as if they weren't there.

"How do they not see this!" The girl named Dave complained. "I mean, we were only turning into girls the entire time!"

"Don't make a scene; I don't want any of those girls to come over here and notice. Just pretend that you're a girl." 'Kevin' told her.

"WE ARE GI-" 'Kevin' put a hand to 'Dave's' mouth to shut her up.

"Do you want to get attention?" 'Kevin' whispered angrily into her ear. Suzan, a girl that entered the class first, walked over to the 2 girls.

"Hi! I don't think I heard your names when Ms. P was announcing you 2. Who are you?" She greeted.

Without thinking, the 2 girls had responded as if they were girls their whole life. "I'm Kelly!"

"I'm Diane!" They greeted back.

"Oh cool! I used to have a friend named Diane, but ever since I got moved to this school, it's just like... ugh, you know?" Suzan had told them.

"I guess." Diane shrugged. She didn't seem like talking to Suzan.

"Ah... I see you don't want to talk to me..." Suzan had a very depressing tone to her voice as she lowered her head in sadness.

"Oh no, don't get me wrong, dear, I just woke up late and am tired. I'll be better around lunch, I promise." Diane comforted her.

"Okay." And Suzan walked back to her group of friends.

Ms. P came back into the room. "Alrighty class. I'm sorry to say that school is canceled for the day. Apparently, today is a holiday! So, go on and pack your things, dearies!"
"What was that?" Kelly started to nag at Diane.

"What was what?"

"That little sensitivity scene with Suzan?"

"I don't know, to be honest. I just had this sudden flood of thoughts that came into mind. It's like, this person... Diane, is taking over!" She explained.

"Now that you say that, I had the same kind of feeling..." Kelly held her head.

Kelly's mother had come to pick them up. They entered the car and she greeted the 2. "Sorry about taking you to school! We'd forgotton that today was a day off. Anyways, Diane's mom couldn't pick you up; she's shopping right now. So, how was your day, you 2?"

"Oh, it was wonderful! Everybody's so nice here, even the teachers!" Kelly started.

"Yea, we made a new friend, too! Her name's Suzan." Diane added.

"Well that's great to hear that both of you are starting to enjoy the school!" Kelly's mother drove home and the 2 girls were already talking about what's going on tomorrow. But in their heads, they know who they were, they know the life they've lived before them. A part of them missed them. Now, they have new friends to make that can fill that void.
A request for ~lukybelle! Thanks for supplying the picture, too! :)

Although this looks like a long story (which it kind of is, but isn't dreadfully long) because of the spacing between dialogue. :P

I felt kind of lazy writing this one because of how I detailed the changes and the ending of the story... You know. I've also felt like I've rushed the ending. Sorry if you think that this isn't good :worry:

GAH! I had written this in notepad because I was working on this on the course of 2 days. Since I'd copied and pasted it, it had messed up and spaced EVERY SINGLE LINE! GRR!! So! If you see anything wrong (spelling errors or spaced lines that don't make sense) then you'll know. And if you can, tell me so I can fix it! :).

I hope that you'll like/liked it!

One more thing: Take a read of my journals! I update it every couple of days to announce certain things and explanations! :D
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