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    David loved dubstep. He lived for dubstep. Of course, it started from rock, to techno to what music is now today, and he still enjoys the occasional rock song here and there. But for now, he likes to settle for kicks, wubs and drops. He had a group of friend he hung out with a lot; a group of friends who liked dubstep. Granted, he has other friends aside from those, but he likes to lean more towards this group of friends for new music that's out, talk about music and such.

    David was about to go over to Sam's house, one of David's dub friends. Apparently, Sam had a new cd that she'd found in her stack of many cds. He arrived at her house and knocked on the door. "Hey! Come in!" Sam answered. David walked in to her house as Sam shut the door behind him. She stepped passed him and beckoned for him to follow her to her room. They walked downstairs to her Tron themed basement where it was freezing.

"So, is it Skrillex?" David asked.

"Nope." Sam began to dig around for the cd, for it was obvious that she'd lost it before David came over.

"Nero? Flux Pavillion? Zedd?" He continued to name off different artists.

"Neither of the ones we know." She started to explain, throwing a pillow to the side. "It doesn't even have an artist name, which is weird enough. I'd listened to it some time ago and when I found it, I was like, 'Whoa!' ... Ah! Here it is."

Sam held up a silver coated disc case. She opened the case to see if the cd was in there. "The weird part is, though, is when I held up my phone to recognize the song, it couldn't find anything." She handed him the case, "Regardless, it's amazing."

David looked down at the case and nodded appreciatively, "Alright! Thanks, Sam!" And left her house.
    David was still curious as to who it was. Nobody would make an anonymous cd; not in this world where money was on everybody's minds. He arrived home after the short walk to Sam's house. Passing his parents, he made announcement, "I'm going to have my headphones on. So if you need me, just text me!" And continued upstairs to his room. He closed his door and sat down next to his stereo. He plugged his headphones in and put the cd into the disc tray. He hit play and sat back in his chair, waiting for the music to start. He sat there for about 10 seconds in silence. He thought it was his stereo not being able to read the disc, then he thought that it might have been the disc itself; it could have been dirty. Just as he was about to pop the disc out, his headphones started to vibrate. He could faintly hear a deep bass with the beat of the song starting to get louder. David sat back in his chair again and let the music continue.

    With the kicks and snares getting louder, the bass and synths got heavier and more into beat. David couldn't help but softly nod his head to the beat. Without his knowing, his hair started to grow with each nod, reaching down to his neck. The song went quiet. The synth lead started to play up again. Snares and kicks returning little by little. The beat started to go faster and faster, then David's favorite part of any dubstep song: the drop. A heavy bassline kicked in and gave David goosebumps. "Whoa!" He yelled out in approval, turning up the volume on his stereo. The song went on like any other dubstep song that he head before, and finished.

    "Hmph..." David grunted, "As good as that song was, that was a little too short for my liking." He waited for the next song. The next song that started was a little slower; a nice violin that entered into a 'chillstep' type of beat. Each beat that sounded made David's stature shrink, little by little. A synth lead entered the song, forcing his stomach to pull in. Although there wasn't any excitement in the song, David still enjoyed it.

    The next song that played immediately sounded familiar to him. It was a song from a movie he'd seen, but he couldn't remember it. It was definitely remixed, though. It started off like it would've in the movie, only it was different. After all, it was remixed. Another synth came into play, going along with the song, getting louder and louder with each passing second. As the song got louder, his legs got shapelier. Just when the music reached the climax, the bass dropped. Another wave of goosebumps hit David, only this time, his skin had changed with a lighter tone and a softer touch. "WOW, this cd is amazing!" He said to himself, nodding his head to the beat. With bass, synths and tempo coming together into an epic song, David's body continued to change. His face had changed, his thighs and his butt had grown. The song had suddenly stopped when he'd gotten a sharp pain in his groin. He moved uncomfortably for a couple of seconds before he realized that he'd accidentally pressed paused.

    Sadly, the next song that started was the last. The song started out with a simple beat that you would hear at clubs and techno songs. With the beat going, a series of beats entered into the song, making an up-tempo beat fit for dubstep songs. Soon, the essence of the song came into play. Head bobbing, David's chest started to bloat. His enjoyment of the song had him hypnotized. His chest expanded to size to fit his new body that he'd failed to acknowledge. The song finished and the disc tray popped out.

    Danielle took her headphones off and put the cd back in its case. "Wow, this is the best thing I've ever heard!" She exclaimed. She went back downstairs and announced once more, "I'm going back to Sam's place to give her cd back!" She waved the case in front of her parents eyes. "Alright, sweetie, just be back by 8!" Her mom called from the kitchen. As Danielle walked out the door, she had the urge to show this cd to all of her other friends.
I don't like the plot I've set for this story. It feels like I didn't really put any effort into this nor does it seem like I put any time into it, either. But, that's up to you guys; I'm just beating myself up :L. Plus, it seems rushed.

Anyways, this would be a preferred change for me if I ever turned into a girl! :P

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InsaneandSexy Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Mother of God...This "David" is just like my older brother. He went from rock, to techno, to dubstep. And I mean Hard Rock/Alternative Metal. I pretty much remained as a metalhead with Dubstep as my 2nd favorite genre. 
C10artfan Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2012  Hobbyist
very good, reality changing transformations seem more convinient than those that don't, but they're not as funny. I don't really listen to music much, well, music that isn't anime themes and game tracks
TG-Timmy Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Some anime themes are pretty cool. I'm not sure if Code Lyoko counts, but that's a good one :)
C10artfan Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2012  Hobbyist
I've seen that, and I don't know what to make of it's theme
Ace127 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2012
This is amazing same to dubstep its also amazing
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