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"Finally!" Ben shouted, "It's Halloween!"

    Ben loved Halloween (and who doesn't?). It was the time of year where he would get to show off his amazing, almost exact, costumes of many different people and creatures that he's done. He was most known for his Van Helsing costume, which almost got the police involved because of the trench coat. Regardless, he has a knack for costumes.

    This year, he was going to go a little more 'child friendly' with costumes. He's decided to base his costume off of a cartoon called 'Ben 10'. He realized the irony and such behind both of their names, but he's been watching the show recently and found it rather entertaining and awesome. So, he went to work on perfecting his costume. It didn't take much, though; it was a simple shirt and jeans with an iconic wrist watch that only fans would know.  He had a week before Halloween, but the chances of finding a watch by this time are quite slim, but he's willing to try to find one.

    After school, he asked his mom if he could go to some stores to find a watch that matched his outfit. The first stop was Toys 'R' Us. He wandered the great isles of shelves, checking quickly for the green watch. Sadly, with no avail, he couldn't find one. He was about to leave the store when he noticed one in the far back of the shelf as if it hasn't been touched in an extremely long time. He reached back and grabbed the casing: it was the last 'Ben 10' watch. But, there was something off about it. The casing felt cold, metallic cold and the watch itself looked relatively real itself. Was this some sort of special edition? He took the box to the front register.

The cashier looked at the box with wide eyes, "My, I didn't know these existed anymore!"

"What?" Ben asked, confused.

"Well, a couple of years ago, they had made legitimate 'Ben 10' watches. Real metal and everything; high quality stuff!"

"Wow... What happened?"

"There were only about 10 ever made because of the resources drained it took just to make one. Surprisingly, they were even given away for free."

"So... will you be willing to stick with that deal, then?"

The cashier thought for a couple of seconds, "Yea, I'll do it. After all, you did find the last one." He winked at him and handed the box over to Ben.
Ben's mom drove him home while Ben eyeballed the metal casing with wide eyes. "This was the last edition." He told his mom.

"What do you mean?"

"This was a special limited edition 'Ben 10' watch that was made with real metal! I got the last one!"

"Cool!" She acknowledged with an 'impressed' tone and turned a head to show that emotion.

    They arrived home and Ben ran into the house with excitement, wanting to open this special watch that he'd just acquired. He ran up to his bedroom and got some scissors, cutting plastic bands and prying open the case to slide out an aluminum plate with the watch prestigiously mounted on a molding, similar to a pedestal. He carefully removed the watch off of the plate and held it up in the light, close to his eyes.

"Wow...!" He whispered.

    The watch was really legitimate: it was indeed metal, and quite light to add. According to the back of the box, it even lit up! The light bulb inside the thing must have been powerful to match the shine from the show itself.. He wanted to try it on and play with it, but it was late and he wanted to get some sleep.

    To his surprise, the next day was Saturday. It kind of shocked him that he'd lost track of the days, but he didn't mind, it was the weekend and he got all the time he wanted to play with his new toy. He freshened up first before playing with a watch that could cost thousands. As he was slipping it onto his wrist, he thought for a second: was it going to withstand constant abuse of his hand slamming the top? After all, that's what he had to do, from what the instructions on the back of the box said. Then, the watch grew tighter on his skin as it compressed itself closer to his skin, almost merging with his skin itself. It kind of hurt, but he blamed himself for having such a big arm.

"Alright... Let's do this..." He raised his arm and slammed the watch. The band made a noise and the light shone to blinding proportions. After a few seconds, the light died down, but nothing was different of him.

"Hmph, figures..." He mumbled in a deflated tone. After all, the thing was just a replica, at most.

    And it wasn't like he could take off the thing anyways, it was practically his skin, now! But, he still tried to take it off. Upon grabbing the black wristband, he noticed that his skin was a tad lighter, kind of like there was barely any coloration to his skin anymore. He assumed that it was starting to cut off circulation, but it felt normal. Soon enough, the lightness of the skin started to spread along his arm, and eventually, his entire body. Was this watch real?
    Ben realized that he was indeed turning into something. When he sat down on his bed, he shrunk a little. Nothing superfluous, but just enough to notice. Then again, he was probably just imagining things, what with all the hype. He waited a little more to see what other changes would happen and to see what kind of creature he would turn into. Small changes, like his hands slimming, occurred and a few more to add. Next, his legs were becoming more shapelier and almost feminine, to Ben's eyes. He couldn't place it, but he had the feeling that he was changing into something else...

    His hair was next to change. He assumed that it was going to be some sort of armor for whatever he was changing into, but instead, it just grew a couple of inches down.

"Long hair?" He question, holding a piece out. As he looked at the piece, the brown hair that was his quickly dyed itself to a nice red. Again, he grew excited, thinking it was going to be something epic, but it turned out to be regular hair.

    He didn't realize what was going on. So, he moved to the mirror in his bed room to review the changes that had happened so far. Apparently, his face had changed to a girl's and his body was beginning to match those changes. Ben was turning into a girl.

"No, no, no, no, no..." He quickly said, backing away from the mirror. "This can't be happening. I thought I was going to turn into something cool, not this... girl!"

    He looked at the wristband again and slammed it once more, making the light brighter than the sun itself. Nothing happened, he was still changing. As a matter of fact, that only sped up the changes! He slammed it again, trying to make it stop, but it only pushed on the changes.

    His lower abdomen was shrinking so fast, he was almost brought down by his knees from the sudden pressure he'd just endured.

    His body continued to feminize itself further: his muscles had faded away into nothingness while most of his other body adapted to the changes. He couldn't take it much more, his body was taking on so many changes at once, Ben actually passed out.
"Sweetie?" Ben's mom was heard as well as his dad.

"I think she must have passed out from the excitement..." His dad said.

Wait, she? Ben was a boy; where were his parents getting that from? "Look, she's waking up!"

    Ben opened his eyes to find both of his parents staring intensely at him, worried to death. He looked down only to find himself a herself. Ben was a girl now.

"Gwen, honey, are you okay?" Her mom asked, placing a hand on her forehead.

"Yea, I'm fine... But, my name's Ben..." She spoke weakly.

"No, you're name is Gwen, you wanted to go as Ben for Halloween. I don't know if you're up to par, though. I mean, you passed out from excitement from that wristband you bought yesterday." Her mom pointed over at the dresser with the wristband off.

"Actually... I think I'm going to go as Ben's cousin." She announced, still weak.

Her mom smiled, "That's fine, honey, but just take it easy from now on." Her parents left the room.

    It turns out, the wristband she had gotten wasn't the same from the show. In fact, it was a gender changer! The only reason why she was who she was was because her name was 'Ben' and it assumed that it was the real Ben. She didn't care; she now had a more open selection as to what she can go for Halloween this year.
For copyrights: Ben 10 is owned by Cartoon Network. I don't take credit nor do I own any of the names used from the show itself. I do not own nor take credit for the picture used, either.

This is my Halloween themed story! I know, it's not Halloween yet, but why not get it out in the mean time :P.

This was the most painstaking story I have written, mainly because I felt tired and couldn't finish it for a couple of days. Also, had closed the story multiple times without saving, so, you can only imagine how annoying and aggravating it was :L, which also explains how short and under detailed it is. So, sorry!

Also, if anything seems off, I'm still getting used to this new submission page because I'm beta testing :P.

Other than that, enjoy! :D
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