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September 10, 2012
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"It's time, child." The master said as he moved his hands in a fluid motion. Water balled up in front of him and he flowed his hand movements flawlessly as the ball quickly whipped out into an intricate pattern before Devin.

    Devin was a part of the Water Nation and had been waiting for ages to finally be able to water bend. He'd shown spirit and perseverance during his young age and continued to practice it every day. However, today was the day for him to get actual training from a water bender himself and use his powers properly and effectively.

"It's not how the water moves," The master said as he gently settled the water down onto the ice, solidifying back into the hard surface, "it's how the water moves you." He sat down in a meditated state and explained. "Water is a dangerous, but helpful tool. To less of it, and life cannot survive; too much of it, and you will die yourself. Moderation is key as to how water is used."

"I'm confused." Devin scratched his head as he sat down with the master.

"Don't worry, child, you will understand as time goes on when you learn to use it. Now, show me what you can do as well as what you've learned."

    Devin got up and stood in a ready stance. He slowly moved his arms up and down, waving them and allowing a steady stream of water flow up and out of a pool behind the master. With a sudden jerk of his hands, the water shot from behind him and stopping in the air. The ball of water he made wasn't perfect, but it was holding fairly well. He changed his stance and moved his arms again, whipping the water around Devin in a lasso type of way. After 'showing off' in front of the master, he flowed the water back into the pool behind him.

"Hmm..." He pondered, nodding in appreciation, "Your technique is very good, however, you could use quite a bit of work as to how the water streams through the air." He got up and snapped himself into a ready stance. "Perhaps this will do."

    He quickly did some moves and a small pillar of ice arose from the ground in front of Devin. The ice was quickly chipped away to reveal a small icicle filled with a solid blue liquid. Far too blue to be water.

"The liquid of our ancestors brought from the very well of our power itself. Very few are chosen to use this and you are one of them." He explained. He inhaled and lifted the small spike of ice into the air with a small geyser of water. "Take it and drink it as if you had been thirsty since your birth."

    Devin carefully grabbed the levitating spike and waved a hand over the top, melting open a cavity for him to drink from. He tilted his head back and took a satisfying swig. The liquid itself was colder than the air around him and tasted as fresh as mountain water.

"And now, we wait for the changes." The master sat down in his meditated posture once more.

"Ch-Ch-Changes?!" Devin's voice was shaky with fear, "What changes?!"

"All shall be explained momentarily." He took a deep inhale and fell into a trance of total concentration.
    The cold liquid sat in the pit of Devin's stomach as he dropped the icicle onto the ground, letting shatter into a million pieces. He patted himself down, trying to see what changes were going to take place. Nothing was happening so far, but a sense of impending doom struck him dumb. He wanted to run away and back to home, but that's a highly disrespectful act against elders. Upon patting down his abdomen, the cloth felt tighter, almost softer against him. His entire outfit was changing from the buff looking jacket to a thinner, more sleek fitting parka.

    While the cloth shrunk down, pressing tightly against his broad frame, it was like the jacket itself was making his body shrink with it. As a matter of fact, he was shorter than before! Running past his meditating master, he looked into the reflection of the pool. His body was thinner and his face appeared to have changed. Not only that, but the clothes he wore was the clothes of females in his village, clothes of a water bending female.

    Devin knelt down, face almost touching the pool, and watched his changes continue. He felt a new warmth along his hair as it grew down past his shoulders. He watches his entire face, and body, feminize before him. The bottom half of his body grew out and shaped into female proportions. Upon this change, Devin could feel that the changes also took something away, which made him assume that the change was technically complete. As he stood up, his chest had expanded with a deep breath that he had taken and was now officially a girl.
"Why?" Danielle question, looking over the detail of her new body, "Why did you do this to me?"

"Simple," The master began, "Not many women are water benders and women are quite powerful ones, too. However, female water benders are quite rare to come by. So, I've decided to take the opportunity to turn you into something more powerful than what I could have trained you to be."

    She looked down in a small, disgruntled disappointment, but she understood and she knew that these were all facts.

"Okay." She said, "I'm ready."

The master smiled. He got up and turned towards Danielle, "Let's begin our training."
Copyrights: I didn't find the picture myself, but all credit is due to whoever drew the picture itself. I don't claim to own or intend to take credit, other than use it for the story I had written myself.
Avatar/water bender/bending is a product of Nickelodeon. I do not own or intend to take credit for anything in relation to Avatar.

A request for *miru-sensei! :D

Originally, he wanted me to do a water mage based story. But, I had something else in mind. I mean, both of the ideas I had brainstormed were quite good, but I've decided to go with this one considering the picture that he sent me reminded me of Avatar :3. I hope you don't mind, miru! ^^;

I also feel that I may have gotten some of the information wrong with some stuff. I don't know what, but I know I have something wrong... Regardless, it's there :)
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