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    Alan was a normal Pokemon trainer. Actually, he was better than normal. He was a Pokemon trainer that followed Ash Ketchum's footsteps of being the best trainer around. He caught and trained Pokemon until he thought that they were ready to take down the town's gym leader and win the trophy to prove his victory: a badge. So far, he'd collected 4 badges. And after going back to Celadon City to pick up a couple of beverages for the guards, he arrived at Saffron City. He went to the Pokecenter to get his Pokemon well rested. While at the Pokecenter, he asked Nurse Joy who the gym leader was for Saffron.

"That would be Sabrina." Nurse Joy answered, placing Alan's Pokeballs into a tray and handing them over to her Chancy. "She's a psychic! She uses psychic-type Pokemon from what I hear."

    The familiar tone sounded in the Pokecenter as Chancy walked through some doors behind Nurse Joy. "Here you go! Have a great time in Saffron!" She waved farewell as Alan came out of the Pokecenter. Saffron was a relatively big city, so Alan had a hard time finding the gym. After asking a couple of people that directed him, the gym was now in sight. It looked just like any other gym, but what made them different was what lay inside.

    When Alan entered through the automatic doors, he was greeted with a very peaceful and relaxing environment. It's like there was something in the gym that sucked all of the stress out of the air. He looked to the right and saw an aide standing next to a Pokemon statue.

"Yo-ho, champ in 'da making!" He waved to Alan. He walked over to him. "Alright, so here's what you're up against. He pointed to a picture on the statue above a list of names that have defeated her. "This is Sabrina, a psychic chick who uses psychic Pokemon. So, unless you got something that'll pack a real punch, you're done for in this gym." He explained.

"Hm... Sounds fair enough, I guess." Alan nodded. He began to walk off but noticed a wall in front of him. As a matter of fact, he was in a very big cubicle with no way out. "What...?" He was confused.

"Yea, I forgot to mention; you're going to have to figure out Sabrina's puzzle. Find the correct path using those things." The aide pointed to a white and blue panel that seem to vibrate.

"Okay, thanks!" Alan waved and began his way towards the tile.

    He didn't know what to do with it. Was he just to touch it or step on it? It didn't look like something that could support Alan; it was pretty small. He closed his eyes and stepped onto the tile, feeling a forceful wind blow across him.

"You can open your eyes now, sweetie." He heard a voice tell him. He opened his eyes and saw a girl standing at the end of the room, waving at him. "Don't worry, it's a first time thing for a lot of people." The girl giggled.

"Are you Sabrina?" Alan asked, stepping off of the tile. It was a stupid question to ask, but the aide did say there was a puzzle, and who knows how old that picture was?

"Nope. I'm not good enough to be her. I'm Chelsie, your first battle before you hit Sabrina! Now, show me what kind of power you have!"
    Alan started to grow a headache from all the battles and confusion that this gym brought. Constant failure brought him to a room he'd already been through or another challenger. Finally, after beating yet another trainer, she'd given him some advice:
"You look like you've been through a lot! Here's a tip: clear your mind, relax. Soon, you will know which tiles to take." He closed his eyes and took a deep breath; emptying thoughts and relaxing his muscles. He opened his eyes and felt a gut feeling of which tiles to take. And it worked! As he passed through multiple teleports, his gut sensation would get stronger and stronger with each pass. He could see why the leader was probably psychic, being able to tell which ways to go. After stepping on the 5th tile, he teleported to a younger woman, by the looks of 23, sitting on a lengthy carpet. Floating candles encircled her as the mood in the room grew cold. She had her back towards him. Alan assumed that she was probably meditating. He took a step off the tile and the girl spoke.

"Alan..." Her voice dimmed the candles as she spoke. "You are here to challenge me, I know." He was a little freaked out that this girl knew his name and what he was here for. The candles lowered themselves and gently landed on the ground around here. She stood up and turned around. She was a little pale in the face with straight hair that went down to her back. Eyes hinted with a cold stare of somebody that knew the ways of psychic powers.

"I'm Sabrina, the gym leader." She began, "I've had psychic powers ever since I was a child. It began with a simple foolery with a spoon I had bent and thrown across the room. Ever since then, my parents and many friends had supported my ways. Constantly rejected by towns, called a freak many times..." A tear drew from her eye, showing Alan the pain of her childhood. "Now, I've settled here, in Saffron, where people accept me and I can teach fellow psychics new things."

"I see..." He spoke at last. "So... care to take in a duel, then?" He grabbed a Pokeball from his belt and held it in his hand.

Sabrina chuckled, "Naturally." She threw off her robes, revealing a nice dress that you would wear if you were jogging, and tied her hair in a ponytail.

The battle begun.
    Alan and Sabrina fought long and hard. Alan had lost 3 Pokemon to her Kadabra alone. Finally, after a hard battle between his Pikachu and her Mr. Mime; Sabrina won. He was actually kind of shocked that he'd lost. He had trained all of his Pokemon vigorously before he came to Saffron. He even evolved his Charmeleon! But, in the end, Sabrina held her title as leader.

"That was an intense fight." Alan congratulated her as he returned his Pikachu into the Pokeball.

"Very." Sabrina responded, returning her Mr. Mime. As a standard rule, since Sabrina had beat him, Alan was to pay a sum of cash to Sabrina. Alan took his wallet out and pulled out 4,300 Pokedollars and held it out to Sabrina. She was appalled.

"What are you doing?" She asked.

"Giving you money. You beat me. So, here's your spoils." Alan was confused.

"I don't want your money." Sabrina declined Alan's offering.

"But... I don't get it."

"You lost to me, Alan. Do you not know what happens if you lose to me?"

"I... no?"

"You're quite oblivious for a smart and talented... boy." Sabrina had emphasized 'boy', which had send a small chill down Alan's back. Sabrina began to glare at Alan with eyes aglow. That's when Alan knew what she meant.
    Alan looked down at his hands and noticed that they were smaller. His fingernails were longer, his hands felt softer. He dropped his money in fear.

"What's happening?!" Alan started to panic.

"You lost to me, Alan." Sabrina continued to look at him with eyes that could only bend the laws of physics.

    The change started to climb up his arms, sweeping the hair off and changing the skin to match his hands. When it reaches his shirt, his sleeves started to climb up to his shoulders, forming a base for a tank top. As his shirt started to compress against his skin, there was also something else underneath that was pressing against his back aside from his backpack that he wore. His jeans were next to change. They started to creep up along his legs, changing his legs along the way. About half way up, the jeans started to merge together. Forming a rough shape of a skirt, the denim started to grow red. He could feel the denim change into a soft cloth.

    The middle section of his shoes turned pink. His socks had turned blue and made their way up to his shins, looking like a pair of 80's type workout socks. The shirt that was pressed against his skin was now more loose fitting. The skirt, socks and shoes alike followed. His hair had grown awfully long and about half way down his back. A small tickling from his hair told him that he'd sprouted bangs, complimenting his new found head of hair. The skirt had finished forming and there was a slight tug on his boxers. A couple of forceful tugs had taken the thing that declared him male. Along with that, his hips widened and his butt had grown to size, allowing the skirt to fit a little more snugglier.

    His waist collapsed while his chest started to expand. An itchy throat made him cough a couple of times, hearing his voice climb in pitch. He'd filled in the spaces in his shirt, which now fit perfectly on him. A strap on the backpack had given way. The backpack fell and skillfully swung itself around, strapping itself over Alan's tank top. The backpack quickly changed into a handbag and pocketed a cellphone below his newly acquired breasts.

    Amy was still confused as to why Sabrina had turned her into a girl. What did she do that was so insulting?

"Why?!" Amy demanded in a whiny voice.

"What, am I not allowed to have fun with psychic powers anymore? Don't worry, honey, I'll change you back if you win." Sabrina's eyes died down back to normal.

"Don't!" Amy quickly answered. "I mean, let's not be so hasty, Sabrina. This actually looks kind of nice!" She looked down at her outfit.

"Hmm..." Sabrina grunted, "Well, if you ever want to change back, just come back to Saffron, I guess..." She sounded deflated, like the plan that she'd intended had totally backfired on her.

"Thanks!" Amy bent down to pick up her money and wallet. When she opened the wallet to put the money back in, she noticed her trainer card had changed completely. She read the name first, "Amy... That's a nice name." She smiled. She put her wallet back into her handbag and made her way towards the teleportation tile.

"Wait!" Sabrina called. "You almost forgot your hat." She pointed down next to Amy's feet.

"Oh, thanks!" She placed the hat on her head and waved good-bye to Sabrina.
Copyright info and such: Pokemon is an item that belongs to Gamefreak and Nintendo. I do not claim credit of any characters/creatures/towns etc. Any other names used are entirely coincidental.

Uh... Well, the story seems a little off put, in my opinion. I'm kind of tired right now and felt lazy writing this story, but it's up to you guys on what you think! :D

Anyways, this is just a story that I thought of. Credit due to ~98sparkz for the detail of the story!

NOTE!: I stuck mainly to Fire Red/Leaf Green for this. I didn't stick to the show because, well, I hadn't watched the show in so long, so... :P. Also, I added a little twist here and there for fun and entertainment! :D
Anything I got wrong (names and such), please tell me!

Also, I got the title name from a synonym for hallucination, if you were wondering :)


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