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    Max and Thomas went to a Wizard's College. They, like most other mages, practiced the arts of sorcery and kept their powers incognito to the rest of the world. However, they were mere Apprentices; starters of magic. But it was a given. They hadn't been there for very long, anyways. They were excellent students, though. Even some of the higher leveled mages acknowledged them around the campus!

    It was a typical day at school and both of them were in the library, studying basic level spells for a test next week. It wasn't boring, it was the fact of practicing the spell's name to perfect it and cast it flawlessly.

"Alright... Thomas, I'm going to go check these out. I suppose you can stay here and... well, just stay there." Max took the mass of books and waddled over to the librarian's desk. Thomas was sitting at the table, playing with his medallion he'd gotten at the school. Apparently, the metal was too heavy to be swung around on a weak piece of string. So, he sent the rusted circle flying to a couple of bookcases. He let out an exasperating sigh as he grumpily got up and walked over to the direction he'd flung his medallion in. He maneuvered around a bookcase and bent down to grab his medallion when he'd noticed a very out of place book on the ground. It was a purple book with strange lettering. The pages themselves were trimmed with gold.

"Odd..." He thought to himself, "This looks like a senior level book! What's it doing here in the Apprentice section of the library?" He picked up the book and his medallion, and began to walk off to the librarian's desk. However, his thoughts told him otherwise, "Why not keep it and take a look for yourself?" And with that said, he took a quick scan and stuffed the book in his handbag. Max came back just in time.

"Let's go!"
    Their walk to their dorm was an awkward one. Neither of them had anything much to say and Thomas didn't want to reveal the book until they were in their dorm. They'd reached the stairs leading up to the many different rooms that people lived in. About half way down the hallway, Thomas started to speed walk to their door. Max had to call out so he'd slow down for him.

"Dude, slow down! What's the big rush?" Max caught up with him.

"I'll tell you when we're inside." Thomas waved his hand in front of the door and the door faded away, allowing entry. Max walked in first, but was soon shoved out of the way as Thomas quickly entered their dorm. He waved his hand where the door had been and closed entry to their room.

"Seriously, Thomas?" Max got up and dusted himself off. "What is so important that you had to shove me onto the ground for?"

    Thomas opened his handbag and grabbed the book. He held it up in the light for a better view. "This." Thomas said, still holding the book as if it were the Holy Grail itself.

"What is that?"

"I found it at the library while you were checking the books out. It looks like a higher leveled spell book. Look." Thomas pointed out the unknown writing and gold trimmed pages.

"Just because we don't know the writing and that the pages are trimmed doesn't mean it's a higher level, Thomas..." Max explained.

"Really? Try using your decipher spell, then." He placed the book down on a table.

Max recited a series of words on the book, however, nothing happened but a small spark from his fingers. "I can't, it won't work."

Thomas pointed a finger at him, "Exactly! We'd need a higher level spell to decipher this!"

"I don't think that's the case... Maybe we should just go give this to Arch-mage--" "NO!" Thomas cut him off mid-sentence. "We're not going to turn this in! Do you know what lies behind these kinds of books?"

"Higher level spells?" Max wasn't very enthusiastic.

"We could impress out professors! We could do so much more than... spawning a candle light or levitating things, Max! We can actually cast destruction spells, make ourselves invisible and much more!" It all sounded stupid, the way he put it, but he did make a point. Who wanted to make things float all year long before you get promoted?

"I guess you're right..."

"Awesome! Alright, let's get this open and see what's in here!" Thomas slammed the book down under a light and opened the book.
    Max sat on the couch while Thomas flipped through the many pages.

"I'm going to try to look for a short and simple spell..."

"What is that supposed to mean?"

"Well, our knowledge of sorcery isn't the best. So, I'm going to find a spell that is more tolerable to read."

Max scoffed and turned to the fireplace.

Thomas skimmed through the many pages with writing that was completely alien to him. At last, after skipping around dozens of pages per second, he found a spell with a majority of words he knew. "Found one, Max!" He announced.

"Don't yell, I'm right here." He got up from the couch and stood over Thomas' shoulder. "What is it?"

"Dunno... Let's test it out!"

"Who's going to be the guinea pig?"

"It's not a target inflected spell, it's self inflicted. It says right here." Thomas pointed to the title of the spell: sui inflictionem.

Max shrugged, "Fair enough. Alright, go for it."

    Max stood back a little ways and Thomas carefully read over the spell. He stepped away from the book and recited the spell. As he spoke aloud, a bulb of light began to grow above his head, getting brighter and brighter as he continued. Soon enough, it was illuminating the room to a sunlight proportion. Then, the light exploded in a small, harmless shock wave with the sound of glass breaking. The spell had obviously failed.

"Was... Was that it?" As Max took a step toward his friend, there was a sound of rushing water that got louder over time. Soon, the light above his head was visible again, but very dim. The shock wave that had swept across the room started to regain itself in the center. With the light bright once more, there was a great explosion that sent a force that blew papers off of tables. Max and Thomas were unaffected by the small blast of wind.

"Hmph... I think something went wrong." Thomas leaned over the book to find out what had happened. As Max took another step towards Thomas, he couldn't help but notice his hair was getting longer. What shocked him was that he was completely oblivious when the hair started to grow over his eyes.

"Uh... Thomas?" Max spoke, trying to alert his absentminded friend.

"Not now. Now, what happened? Did I mispronounce the word? Hmm..." Still leaning over the book, he failed to notice his bangs that clearly hung over his sight of vision. Then, he noticed his hands on either side of the book; they were smaller. Their fingernails were slightly longer and his hand was dainty looking. "What the...?" He noticed that his robe sleeves started to change next, burning themselves into a dark maroon. He stumbled back, hitting the couch in fear. "Max!!"

"What's going on?!" He walked over to Thomas, who was trying to regain balance after hitting the couch. He took a closer look at his hands and found that they were awfully small for his size. "That's not good."

    Thomas' black robe was almost entirely maroon. His sleeves drooped down and started to fluff with layers of ruffles underneath. The collar of his shirt and his robe stretched out across his collarbone.  His shirt, however, continued to shrink in size and start cuddling itself around his chest and wrapping itself around his torso, making what felt like a bra. The midriff of his robe began to lose color, turning white. Folds started to etch themselves in on the white surface, making the same ruffles that were found in his sleeves.

    Max, on the other hand, soon started to take on the changes. The arch of his shoes melted down and revealed the arch of his foot, covered by his sock. The socks, however, darkened into a brown color. The cloth of his socks started to thin and climb up his legs, turning into a pair of stockings. His pants started to merge with his shirt, starting to burn into the same brown color as his stockings.

"What did you do?!" Max asked in fear, voice cracking.

"I don't know; it was probably the spell!!" Thomas' face had already changed.

    Max's hair had started growing down to length, reaching the back of his neck. His robes started to change next. Like Thomas' the sleeves were first to go. They quickly ruffled and fluffed out. The collar of his robes and shirt were stretched out along his collarbone, matching his friend's. The bottom half of his robe had closed and turned into a skirt while a black bow tied itself around his waist. As the bow had tied itself, it was pulling together awfully hard. So hard, that Max thought he'd felt his own rib cage shift. There was an odd tugging behind him as well as a swelling feeling around his hips.

    Both of their dresses were almost done. Thomas' chest had bloated during Max's change. So, he had already donned a pair of bosoms before hand. Max knew that he was next in line. There was a building pressure behind his chest. A burning sensation pained him as his skin was stretching out into the bra, filling with fat. As he was filling in, a sudden realization and tugging down below told him that he was now female. And at last, both of their changes were complete.
    Terri got up from her fall and stumbled over to the book. She leaned over once more and tried to figure out what happened.

"What did I do?!" She yelled out.

"You turned us into girls, that's what you did!!" Michelle walked over to her and stood watching over her shoulder. "Figure out how to change us back!"

"I'm trying to! It doesn't make sense, though. We can't understand this level of magic!" Then, a smirk grew on Michelle's face.

"Let me see." She moved Terri out of the way. She waved her hand over the book and whispered a spell, making the letters glow and change into actual letters. "There."

"H-How?" Terri was petrified; could it have really been that easy?

"I dunno, it just came to me." Terri felt a sense of knowledge gain. She knew spells that they never understood, she could speak in different tongues fluently.

"Michelle... I feel like... I got this sudden burst of knowledge..." She explained.

"I know! That's what had placed the idea in my head in the first place! And what did you call me, Michelle? Because, I like that name, Terri."

"Terri? Yea, I can stick with that name." Just then, there was a knock on the door with an  older voice.

"Girls?" The voice was a man's. "Girls, may I have permission to enter?"

"Yes, sir." Terri called.

    The door faded and entered a younger man. It looked like he had been through a night of hell. "I've been going around campus looking for my book; it's a Journeyman level-" The man's eyes fell on the book on the table. "You have it! Where did you find it?"

"We had found it in the library. I knew it didn't belong in the Apprentice section of the library, so I took it because I wanted to take a look of what was inside." Terri explained.

"Wha-... What?" The man stuttered, "What are you 2 doing with a Journeyman level book, le alone skulking around the Apprentice studies? You Warlocks should be sticking to your level." He went over and took the book off the table. "Well, thanks for finding it!" And left the room.
    Michelle was dumbfounded, "Warlocks? But... That's 4 levels away from what we are! We can't possibly be that high!"

"I can't say that's true, either... Maybe he was playing a joke on us, him looking like an experienced mage, anyways." Terri looked as if she were trying to get her thoughts together.

"How would we test it out, if it were true?"

"Usually, when a mage advances a rank and they try to access their book, it burns and out comes the new leveled book. Maybe we can try getting one of the books you'd checked out of the library?"

    Michelle got a book out from her handbag and placed it on the table. Terri waved a hand over and the book began to crumble down into ashes. The fine dust started to glow with fire as embers lit up and twirled around, producing a new book in place of the ashes. The book was crisp; brand-new looking with it's silver plated cover. They both drooled over the sight of a book they'd never seen.

"That's awesome!"

"Well, I guess we are Warlocks! Let's convert these other books and get to work on studying then, Terri." Michelle placed 3 more books next to the silver one and waved her hand over each one, transforming them into higher leveled books.

"You know, Michelle, I happen to know what spell we'd done." Terri was grabbing more books. "It was a transconfiguration spell that turned the caster into the opposite sex. I had mispronounced the word so that anybody and everybody in the room would've been affected. I happen to know the reverse spell, if you want to turn back." She winked.

"No... I think I can get used to this treatment. We could do so much more than read books. We can finally get started on serious magic now."
My goodness, what a long read! Sorry! ^^;

It turns out I may have been dumber than I thought
I don't know if it's because I'm tired, but I may have double posted a part. I distinctly remember putting it in, and then putting it again, feeling that I didn't put it in. Sorry if that confused you, but it's the best way to put it :P. Anyways, if you see that there is indeed a double posted part, please, tell me so I can fix that. Thanks!

The ending looks like a sudden end. And that's because it is. I'm sorry if you feel disappointed about that, but I couldn't really think of an anecdote. So, like I always say with most of my stories, I leave it to your imagination :3

As cheesy as this is, this was probably one of my better ideas for a story. Better than the 'Week at Hogwarts' story I never finished.

The title, hopefully, will be changed to something more fitting. I don't really thing that fits the story, in my opinion. But, that's up to you guys to decide :meow:

Enjoy! :D

Side note: I feel like I should have flagged it, but I'm not going to. Being as tired as I was writing this, I don't think there was anything that seemed to... graphical, if you will. :)
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This was a good story. I liked it a lot.
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